Independent boarding and day school for girls aged 3 -18

House Structure

The house system here at St Francis’ College helps to reflect the ethos of the College by fostering a sense of community, awareness of each other and a sense of being part of a team. St Francis’ College is organised into four houses. Each girl and member of staff is placed in a house when they join and are encouraged to take part in a wide range of inter house activities. The house system is designed to encourage girls to mix in wider age and friendship groups as well as promoting friendly competition. Girls have a real sense of pride in their house. The house system plays an active role in supporting the pastoral aims of the college.

Organization in our College

Houses meet fortnightly and meetings are organised and led by our House Captains who are members of our sixth form. House Captains are supported by a member of staff who undertake the role of Head of House. All year groups attend full house meetings every six weeks, but there are also separate meetings for our lower school pupils and one for the older girls. This enables the house system to support initiatives with different year groups such as preparation for vertical tutoring with year 7 and 8. All teaching staff are encouraged to attend house meetings and take part in house activities.

There is a thriving series of inter house competitions, which encompass all areas of school life from the academic, artistic to the sporting. Activities include hockey, netball, quizzes, swimming, photography, music, debating and athletics. Competition between houses is a healthy one with our girls taking great pride in their own achievements, whilst respecting the successes of other houses. Houses also provide an opportunity for girls to mix socially at events such as Christmas parties and charity film events.

Reward System

As well as verbal and written comments from staff there are a range of different methods whereby girls are rewarded for their good behaviour, effort and academic work through the house system. Many of these are awarded at our termly Achievement Assemblies.

• House Merits are given by all staff to individual pupils for their behaviour, effort and success in lessons. These merits are totalled up each term and a prize given to pupils in each house in year 7,8 and 9 with the most merits.

• Contribution to the House A special prize is given each term to a year 10 and 11 pupil who has made the most contribution to their house.

• House Colours are awarded each year to pupils who have enthusiastically supported their house.

• Cups and Trophies are given as prizes for individual house achievement


Benefits of the House System

The greater sense of belonging and pride that come from being part of the house system have a huge benefit to all our girls and staff.

• Mixing with girls from different year groups helps to improve pupil’s confidence and interpersonal skills
• Leadership opportunities for Sixth Form House Captains who organise and run house meetings, liase with Head of House and manage the house budget
• Students’ relationships with peers, teachers and support staff is much improved
• Greater opportunity for extra curricular participation
• Sense of community enhanced
• Helps to foster a more aware and involved school
• Provides variety of activities for pupils which can help girls to develop a range of skills
• Staff gain an improved knowledge of pupils’ all round performance
• Older pupils provide peer mentoring to younger house members
• Support to the pastoral care system within the college