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February 23, 2023

Let me start this year off by introducing myself: Hi, I’m Ella and I am this year’s Head Girl.


Head Girl is something that has been a dream of mine since I started the school in Year 7 and I feel truly honoured to have been trusted with this role. I remember watching the Head Girl of 2017, Freya Smith, and was inspired by her confidence and the eloquent way in which she spoke about the school and herself. What struck me the most was the presence that she held on stage and how every person in the room connected with her on a personal level.  In my first week of this position, I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous, hoping to live up to the Head Girls who have come before me. However, after speaking with Heather, discussing my worries, she assured me that I have no one to compare myself to, because the role isn’t made for one type of person; I must be my own Head Girl and make the differences that truly mean so much to me.


I would like to say thank you to Heather on behalf of the whole school, for her wonderful dedication to the role, commitment and passion and wish her the best of luck with her A Levels. I am very aware that I have large shoes to fill, but I hope to be a Head Girl who supports all the pupils individually, celebrating their individuality and personal achievements.


Ultimately, Head Girl should be a reliable friend, be able to communicate with everyone and act as an older sister for every student in the college.


A little about me, though; I study English Literature, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics at A Level and I have certainly developed a love and passion for each of these subjects. I hope to take my love for English further by studying English Literature at University, although this prospect seems a little daunting at the moment.


For me, personally, I love dance and this is something that I’m really passionate about. I have danced from a very young age and it has really made me who I am today. Dance has allowed me to develop confidence in myself and my beliefs, allowing me to express myself and it is a passion that I treasure.


I have found that during my time at the College, I have gained life skills that have prepared me for this role, but I also strongly believe that everyone has unique qualities and strengths that often stretch beyond the boundaries of the academics.


I have no doubt that there is bountiful of talent amongst the students at the College and I hope that during my time as Head Girl, I am able to show everyone that all of our achievements, whether they are big, small, academic, or not, deserve to be recognised with the utmost praise.


I am excited to listen to the pupil voice, making impactful and meaningful changes that benefit the pupils. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity and the chance to work with the wonderful girls and my friends, who have been appointed as deputies, Jaskeerat as Deputy Head Girl (Academic), Saya as Deputy Head Girl (Pastoral) and Jyothi as Deputy Head Girl (Boarding), as well as working alongside Mr Nichols and the Senior Leadership Team.


The school is going through a period of change, with its new ideas tunnelling towards the future and I hope that this blog can be a chance for me to share the events happening at the school, celebrate the successes of the students and ideas for the future, allowing a stronger bond between the school and the parents, as well as making the changes seem like a welcoming smile.


I am really looking forward to this year and I will give it my all.