Boarders' View

Boarding Life in St. Francis is incredibly rewarding. Living merely a few flights of stairs above the classrooms is not only convenient for boarders, but it also means that community values like mutual respect and compassion are extended to boarding life and instilled in us from day one.

 As global citizens, living in the boarding house opens our mind to multiple cultures, food and music - knowledge useful in an increasingly globalised world. The Boarding House community ensures that we view the world from an international perspective; providing a diverse range of meals and organising events that will normally have been an integral part of our cultures, (Chinese New Year Festival and Nigerian Independence Day), for instance.

The Boarding House is designed to develop all-round students who excel academically as well as getting fully involved in activities outside the classroom. The staff facilitate the academic aspect by monitoring prep sessions and having the library and IT rooms open well into the evening. Trips at the weekend vary from museums in London to shopping centres in Cambridge, and allow students to have fun and also to learn. Our geographical proximity to Cambridge and London make travel to public lectures easy.

Most importantly, the boarding house prepares you for university and life beyond that. Students learn to be independent in several ways, learning to efficiently and effectively manage everything from pocket money to free time. The leadership opportunities that boarding life gives are endless. From the Prefect role as Head Boarder to smaller but equally important roles such as Corridor Prefects - the Boarding House has it all! These opportunities are not just great for the development of interpersonal skills that help to create long lasting friendships but also give many boarders the chance to develop their communication and active listening skills.

All in all, a vibrant, warm, and caring environment, the St. Francis’ College Boarding House experience will stay with me long after I have left the College.

Lanaire, Former Head Boarder