Boarding - Wellbeing

The boarders' wellbeing and safety is of great importance to everyone at St. Francis' College.

The Boarding House team is led by the Head of Boarding. The Academic Tutors are available to assist the girls with their academic work and offer support and guidance on all matters concerning their wellbeing and progress. The Boarding Administrator keeps the Boarding Office up and running to ensure that all of the systems work smoothly.

The Housekeeper, Assistant Housekeepers are responsible for maintaining the Boarding House and ensuring that the girls have everything they need on a daily basis. They are assisted in this by the Cleaning, Laundry and Maintenance Teams.

The Nurse visits the Boarding House on three evenings a week. All Boarding Staff are First Aid Trained and can administer medicines.

The College has an independent listener and a counsellor if the girls wish to speak about concerns or worries.

The Boarding Team insist on English being the only language spoken in the Boarding House to ensure that nobody feels excluded, or worried that they are being talked about without their knowledge.


Mrs Jane Bedborough
Head of Boarding

Junior Common Room