St. Francis’ College firmly believes in equipping our students with the skills they need to be the leaders of tomorrow.  In the Sixth Form we seek to offer both projects and roles through which students can develop and practise these skills, as well as talks and guidance on what it means to lead.

Student Council

All students who wish to can apply for a role on the Student Council.  Each position has a specific responsibility, whether it’s helping care for younger pupils, taking up a whole school issue like charity or the environment, or leading your house.  All positions call on those holding them to come up with creative ideas and solutions, identify issues and needs, communicate with and manage other students, and develop self-organisation and public speaking skills.  One student each year is appointed President of the Sixth Form Society and helps with every aspect of its organisation, from planning the programme, inviting speakers and then hosting visiting students on the night.  Our Head Girl and Deputies, who are appointed following an interview with the Head, lead the Council.  They, along with a number of other Senior Council positions, have regular meetings with the Head to discuss ideas and suggestions, help initiate projects such as the Sixth Form Garden and have key roles at major events such as Speech Day and Open Days. We take pride in the School Council acting as role-models for the younger member of the St. Francis’ community to look up to.


Sixth Form students take the lead in organising a number of key events in the College calendar.  In the Autumn Term a team of Year 12 students work together to produce the annual Recycled Fashion Show in aid of the Kanyike Project.  Students manage the event from start to finish, whether it’s collating the entries, designing tickets and programmes, creating the set, running the lighting and sound desk or presenting the show.  There really is a role for everyone who wants to take part.  The same is true of the Sixth Form Revue.  Held in the Spring Term, Year 12 come together as a group to produce a spectacular performance for the whole College.  A script is written and rehearsed, the set designed and created, dance numbers choreographed and acts from the rest of the school brought together into one memorable occasion.  In the Summer Term Year 13 work together to prepare their Leavers’ Ceremony and Supper.  While the format remains traditional, the students themselves pick or write the prayers and readings, organise music and arrange the finishing touches.  Through all of these events students get to practise being part of a team where they make key decisions, manage their peers, learn the importance of meticulous preparation, and must be ready to think on their feet.

Visiting speakers

We are delighted to host many visiting speakers, whether as part of Sixth Form Society or for other events throughout the year.  On previous occasions we have been privileged to hear from Professor Dame Carol Black, who is Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge and holds a number of other leading roles such as Adviser on Work and Health at the Department of Health.  Since then Sharron Gunn, an Executive Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has introduced us to the challenges she has encountered in her profession, as well as sharing some fascinating data on how many women are being put forward to places on leadership training schemes.  We have also had the honour of hosting Dame Mary Archer, who dazzled our students with an account of her long, varied and distinguished career.