Boarding is available at the College for girls aged from Prep VI  to Upper Sixth. The structure of boarding allows us to create a family atmosphere within which girls are encouraged to socialise. We aim to maintain a sense of community in which boarders and staff work together for the benefit of all; a place where everyone is valued.

We want our boarders to be happy, healthy and successful individuals with a mature and responsible attitude and with life-skills necessary for their futures. We aim to create an environment in which girls have a variety of opportunities through which they can learn to be responsible for their education and for each other; where they can be fostered, supported in their studies and allowed to participate fully in and make a significant contribution to the corporate life of the College. Pupils are encouraged to be courteous and kind.

Our philosophy is that consideration of others is of paramount importance. We achieve this with dedication and compassion, with understanding and sympathy and with a perceptive awareness of the needs of our young people.

Please browse the publication below for further information about boarding life at St. Francis'