Government & Politics

Government and Politics

Exam Board: AQA



In recent years we have witnessed a referendum on the future of the United Kingdom and our nation’s subsequent withdrawal from the European Union. We have also seen the executive powers of the UK Government with the nationwide measures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally we have seen unprecedented interest levels in current global affairs with the ever-changing political landscape.


Politics is the study of who gets what and how. It affects every single aspect of our lives and studying this course will provide an insight into the rights you have, help you clarify your beliefs on a multitude of issues and provide the tools to help you engage with modern society. The Government and Politics course is the ideal subject to increase your awareness of fundamental issues in the world around you.


Course Structure

Students will study three topics over two years. The topics currently covered are:

Unit 1: Government and Politics of the UK

Unit 2: Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics

Unit 3: Political Ideas


Course Content

The course follows the AQA specification and covers the Government and Politics of the United Kingdom and the USA as well as an examination of key political ideologies including Socialism, Liberalism, Conservatism and Feminism. It addresses poignant debates in recent years about the direction and future of Britain. The course looks at how politics works in the UK and the USA, the role of the Prime Minister and President, and the legislative branches of the UK and USA. It also addresses issues of participation and why people vote the way they do. The course also examines key issues such as immigration, discrimination, democracy, elections and electoral systems. Assessment This course is 100% exam based with three papers taken at the end of the course in Year 13. Each paper lasts two hours and is worth 33% of the overall grade.



Over your time studying Government and Politics at St Francis’, there are various extra-curricular opportunities that are available to you. Examples of these include proposed trips to Washington in the United States, and visiting the UK Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament in London.


Every single career involves a certain level of political understanding and the breadth and depth provided by the course will complement any other subjects you may wish to take at St Francis’ College, including History, Geography, Business and Economics. Students who have studied Government and Politics at A Level are welcomed into a range of jobs that require enquiring minds, analytical and evaluative skills, a commitment to continual self-improvement and a developed knowledge of the wider world. Careers can include Law, Accountancy, the Civil Service, Academia, Public Services, Teaching, Business and Management Consulting.