Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

St Francis' College is inspected every 4-6 years by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The most recent ISI inspection of the whole school was the Regulatory Compliance Inspection in February 2020.

The last in Educational Quality Inspection was in March 2017.  This was the College’s first inspection under the ISI regime and the reports can be viewed by clicking on the links to the right alongside a letter from the Head.

The Focused Compliance Inspection confirmed that the College meets the standards set out in the relevant regulations and framework for independent schools, boarding schools and Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Educational Quality inspection process makes an assessment against the aims of the College which will influence the final judgement.

The main highlights are as follows:

When referring to GCSE and A level results “pupils make excellent progress by Year 11 in relation to those of a similar ability nationally; sixth formers show good progress on the same basis.”

“Pupils with SEND and EAL make good progress in line with their abilities because of the support they receive”

“In the EYFS, all pupils reach the expected levels of development for their age; most exceed them.”

“..attainment by Year 6 is judged to be above that expected nationally for pupils of the same age”