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18 March 2021

Bronze, Silver and Gold in the 2021 Chemistry Olympiad

Bronze, Silver and Gold in the 2021 Chemistry Olympiad

Congratulations  to our Year 13 Chemistry students who achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in this year’s nationwide Chemistry Olympiad! 

The Chemistry Olympiad, run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is a challenging competition and an opportunity to stretch and challenge post-16 Chemistry students by testing their chemical knowledge. Participation in this competition, irrespective of the final outcome, is seen by Universities and employers alike as recognition by the student of the value of resilience and a readiness to take on a challenge.  

Our Year 13 Chemistry students can be very proud of their achievements: Sophie Wells gained a Bronze certificate, Amy Gilbride gained Silver and Rosalind Mackey was awarded a Gold certificate. 

What a fantastic accomplishment. Well done! 

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