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07 March 2022

Former Head Boarder Cambridge Success

Former Head Boarder Cambridge Success

Our former Head Boarder, Jin Cheng, has received an offer from Cambridge University to study History of Art in September. Our congratulations to Jin and her family, we are so proud of her achievement.

We want to share Jin's story with you. 

'Driven by my own curiosity for a more diverse world and my enthusiasm to communicate across cultures, I decided in the middle of my Chinese high school life, to shift from the national Gaokao system and continue my studies in the UK. I certainly was not an early applicant, but I grasped the last chance to get into St. Francis' College, where I found myself warmly welcomed and sincerely embraced and all of my dreams and ambitions were nourished.  

The teachers at the College are patient listeners and consistent supporters. They helped me to go through problems brought by the cultural, language and education systems differences when I first joined, and encouraged me to explore my interests beyond school curriculum.  After a few months of studying in the college, I set my mind firmly on pursuing History of Art at university. I believe that art is a thread that connects people and cultures, and by studying the history of it, I could delve into the past of different civilizations, which enables me to contribute to solving the issues in our world today from a unique perspective. After several visits and talks organised by the College, I chose to pursue my dream of going to Cambridge University – not only am I drawn to by the rigorous academic atmosphere there, but I am also fascinated by the rich cultural resources available in this historical city, and world-leading experts in the fields of humanities and beyond.  

St. Francis' is such a close-knit, loving community, which supports me even after I have graduated – many teachers still keep in touch.  I hope to bring what I have learnt at St. Francis' to Cambridge with me, and share my dreams which started in St. Francis', with more like-minded people whom I am yet to meet. '

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