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03 May 2023

Head Girl's Blog: Summer Term Welcome

Head Girls Blog: Summer Term Welcome

Welcome to the Summer Term, everyone. This term is my favourite, personally. There are warmer days ahead, longer, lighter evenings, and all seems to feel a bit happier. As spring begins to blossom into summer, this term brings so many exciting new things. As we begin the new term, I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable Easter and feel rested and ready for a new term. 


But before I get too excited about this term, I will update you all on a few events from last term. 


Last half term was my first half-term as Head Girl, and the six weeks truly flew by. We had our first School Council meeting with the new leadership system in place. We discussed many questions based around different topics, including: 


How can we integrate IT into more subjects at the school? 

How can we effectively talk about racism both inside and outside the College? 

How can we improve communications throughout the College, between students, staff and the local community? 

How can we improve the experience of lunchtimes at the College? 

How can ‘DREAMS’ be integrated into the College effectively? 


The students on the School Council came up with amazing ideas to improve the College, bringing with them elements of the pupil voice, and their own opinions and I am excited to start implementing some of these ideas in the future.  


Another highlight of last term was the Sixth Form Revue. For those of you who don’t know, this is a skit, that runs along a theme. Our theme this year was High School Musical and the revue loosely followed the plot of this movie. It took hard work but it was certainly worth it, because it ended in laughter from the whole school.  


The teachers even got involved, with some incredible dancing and lip-syncing, which the whole college enjoyed. We even had a few surprise guests from some inflatable dinosaurs, aliens, cows, sharks and giraffes.  


This term is full to the brim with events, trips and excitement. Fast approaching is our spring concert, which will be a wonderful display of musical talent from the students.  


We then have our FIVE STAR DAYS, where students get to enjoy a week of fun activities, to broaden their understanding of the wider world and to celebrate the achievements of the year. It is a chance to have fun and team build. 


We also have our annual Kanyike picnic, where students run fun stalls in our Loggia Garden for charity. It’s a chance for each form to come up with a stall that can appeal to all age groups and it’s a fun way to raise awareness for our school charity.  


As both internal and external exams are approaching, it may seem overwhelming, with revision and stress building. However, it is important to remember that exam periods do not last forever and taking breaks is just as important as revising. We all wish you the best of luck for your exams, especially those taking GCSEs and A-Levels; whilst they may seem long and tiresome, it helps to build resilience. Make sure to go outside, spend time with family and take a moment for yourself every now and again. Take a break and breathe, because you will all be amazing, I’m sure.  



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