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24 September 2021

Juniper Hall Trip

Juniper Hall Trip

The Year 11 GCSE Geography students had a brilliant trip to Juniper Hall fieldwork centre last weekend. After a brisk walk up Box Hill to eat our lunch we travelled to Leatherhead. The students assessed the success of several urban regeneration schemes designed to improve the town for their human geography fieldwork. On Saturday wellington boots were the order of the day as the physical geography investigation focused on looking at changes to the river Tillingbourne as it travelled downstream. The weather was fantastic, so we rounded off the day with ice creams in the delightful village of Shere.


The students worked so hard, they asked thoughtful questions and planned the work carefully. They discussed the best ways to collect and present data and made copious notes to help them with their fieldwork paper in the summer.  We were very proud of them and their behaviour all weekend.

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