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26 March 2021

Mrs Purchon’s Retirement

Mrs Purchon’s Retirement

We said a very sad farewell to Mrs Katharine Purchon, our librarian, as she retires and we wish her every happiness. Mrs Purchon has been more than a librarian, contributing at every level of the College. She has been Head of House and organised the wonderful 75th, 80th and 85th Anniversary celebrations as well as being a great support and help to SFOGA. She has been an integral part of the House system, both leading as Head of Selene House, overall Head of Houses and as a contributor to house activities, including House music. A keen supporter of Kanyike, she has run the annual Kanyike picnic. She has worked in her own time on the College archives and left them in excellent shape.

”What a joy and privilege it has been to be School Librarian at St. Francis’ College. The last nineteen years have been full of so many happy memories.” Mrs Purchon.

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