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05 January 2021

New Term: Message from the Head

New Term: Message from the Head

We find ourselves back in a familiar situation with yet another lockdown. For those of you familiar with remote learning at St. Francis’ you will be comfortable that the teaching staff will support and educate your child through the next six weeks. For those of you who are not familiar with our provision, I hope that you will be satisfied and reassured by the excellent education we provide under the circumstances. As all phases of the school are remote learning now, we will be reviewing our timetable in the next 48 hours to ensure that the next six weeks are as manageable as possible for our pupils and parents at home.

Senior Pupils

Pupils in examination years will be feeling very disheartened by the Government’s announcement regarding public examinations; I really feel for them. I tried this morning to explain that we are here to educate them for life beyond examinations but this is hard to convey to young people who see the examinations as targets to work towards without the realities of life experience behind them. We will keep you updated as soon as we have any useful information. In the meantime, the pastoral team are here to support you and our pupils with any worries or queries.

Key Worker Support

The College will be providing key worker and vulnerable children support during the next six weeks. As a reminder, these are the expectations around key worker support:

- If there is an adult at home, you may not send your child to school.

- If you are a key worker and have suitable childcare, you may not send your child to school.

My staff are very willing to help those most in need, at risk to themselves and their families. Please respect them by using this service only if you have no other choice. We aim to start the service from Wednesday 6 January 2021 9am – 3.30pm. If your child is in the Prep Department, please make sure you have contacted Mr Mannall ( and if you need the service in the Senior School please let my PA know (


The Boarding House will be closed from 4pm on Wednesday 6 January 2021 to allow families to make alternative arrangements. Your child will be able to access remote learning and lessons with immediate effect.

So, as we embark on this voyage again, I cannot say I have put the bunting out, but I am somewhat relieved not to worry every morning if everyone is safe and if I have done enough. I am already missing the pupils though. I will endeavour, once again, to try and remotely buoy us up (please note the nautical analogies) while we sail this ocean again!

Ahoy me maties, let’s get the sails up and heave ho on the oars!!!

Mrs B Goulding


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