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26 April 2021

Radio Drama Festival

Radio Drama Festival

Year 9 have an annual Drama Festival that is judged by our LAMDA teachers Mrs Neave and Mrs Canale. 

This year, due to lockdown, we had to change our usual festival into a Radio Drama Festival. 

Each year there is a theme that the girls have to devise a play on.  This year's theme was diversity.  The results have just been announced, the winners are:

Gold Award

Pandas and Grizzlies - Prejudice in the animal world...(Tilda, Georgina, Emelia)

Silver Award

Sinful - Coming out as gay in a strict Christian family (Sadie, Sophia, Erica)

Bronze Award

A different kind of Sleeping Beauty - a twisted version that breaks all the fairytale stereotypes you know (Sophie, Alicia, Chelsea, Shuhan, Sofia)

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