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04 December 2020

Urgent ‘Big Give’ Appeal from the Kanyike Project

Urgent ‘Big Give’ Appeal from the Kanyike Project

The Kanyike Project has been badly affected by funding drying up this year (as have many charities). As a major supporter of the project since its inception in 1986, our connection is hugely important to them and to us: the current restrictions on school activities are preventing St. Francis’ from supporting the project in our usual ways, and this is having had a terrible effect on their funding.

We will soon be working with the girls to work out some creative pandemic-friendly fundraising ideas for the Kanyike Project, but in the very short term we’d like to draw your attention to a match-funding drive via the 'Big Give' which is running until Tuesday 8th December. Donations made during this period will be doubled, in addition to reclaiming gift aid, so that a £10 donation would bring them £22.50. This great opportunity will see lots of small donations go a long way to plugging the gap in our support.

Please visit to donate, and click ‘More info’ to see where donations will go.


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