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Official Opening of the Kitchen Garden Outdoor Classroom

July 02, 2018

Friday’s celebration was the official opening of the Kitchen Garden Outdoor Classroom.  Mrs Goulding cut the ribbon to the accompaniment of a triumphant fanfare from Rosalind Mackey and some improvised music from our talented Year 9 musicians, playing music amongst the plants and reflecting the calm tranquillity of the garden.

After a number of years of very hard work from the Biology department and due to the generous donation of logs from Mr Dingemans, this new area has been opened up for pupils and staff to use.  The area is primarily a wildlife area, looked after by the Biology department but, with enough seating space for twenty, we hope other departments will use it too.  An old well has been converted to a wildlife pond and we already have a healthy population of tadpoles, frogs and assorted insects who have made it their home.

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