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Schools’ Analyst Competition

March 06, 2019

On the 22nd of February we (Yunjia, Michelle and Mehar) ventured to Queen Mary University in London to take part in the regional heat of the Schools’ Analyst Competition. During the course of the day, we took part in two practicals which consisted of infrared spectroscopy and an experiment to determine the amount of iron in vitamin tablets.

We conducted these experiments in a large university lab, along with other A Level students from schools across the region. We had to carry out these experiments both swiftly and accurately with the little time we had. So, we worked as a team and distributed the various tasks amongst ourselves. We were able to apply our knowledge of chemistry and analytical techniques, which we studied in school, to the experiments and we were able to complete them in time.

Following the completion of the experiment, we needed to analyse our results from a graph and with numerous calculations, in order to come to a suitable conclusion.

Overall, the day was very insightful, and we had a great time. We learnt about the importance of teamwork, organisation, accuracy and time management. As well as this, we were able to gain an understanding of how to use unfamiliar equipment such as an infrared spectrometer. These skills and techniques that we picked up will be especially useful towards our further A Level studies.

Michelle (Year 12)

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