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Headmistress’ End of Term Message

July 12, 2019

As we come to the end of another term and academic year, we can look back and feel a real sense of achievement. At the end of each term, we have an Achievement Assembly in which we reflect on the positive achievements of the girls across all their activities, both in and outside the classroom, and hand out certificates. The Prep Department Prize Giving this term helped us reward the achievements of many of the girls and say goodbye to Prep VI as they move up to the next stage. 

The Kanyike picnic raised over £800 in total which is, I believe, a record so, well done to the girls and thank you for your continued support of this vital project! We have taken the opportunity at the end of this term to do some important off timetable activities to help build and strengthen the girls in a holistic way.

The Arts Day encouraged the girls to design and market a shoe product. Girls experienced the challenges of trying to work in a team with different opinions and to produce a video and present their product to an audience, all to a set deadline. The quality of the video presentations/adverts were very high and in one particular case, I considered the standard to have been professional in its quality.

So often, girls feel that they must be perfect and the brighter they are, the harder this often hits. When praise is given for ability rather than hard work, bright girls often feel they cannot take risks for fear of failing. This causes anxiety about performance and attainment. Taking Carol Dweck’s approach of ‘not yet’ which can lessen the impact of this anxiety and free the person to achieve more, our Resilience Day put the girls into various states of challenge where they may or may not have been able to succeed easily. A carousel of activities such as hula hoops, brain games, memory tasks, metacognition (learning about learning) and short challenges were designed to help the girls explore difficulties, their responses to these and how they might develop resilience. 

We had an exciting multi- cultural day on Tuesday. Girls were dressed in the most stunning of their native costumes. They learnt Scottish dancing, African drumming, origami, poetry and Indian drama. Their smiles and laughter ringing out as they learnt new things and enjoyed aspects of each other’s heritages. We all came together including Prep girls to form the word ‘UNITY’ on the College field. The inspiration for this day came from our Deputy Head Girl Esther-Tofi Williams; she wanted to celebrate diversity within the College. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of St. Francis’ College and it continues to be a great pleasure and privilege for me to watch your daughters grow and flourish in the College. I am grateful to my staff who continue to give above and beyond in support of the development and education of your daughters by providing extra-curricular opportunities, trips, clubs and workshops. Wishing you a long and happy summer!

Mrs B Goulding


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