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House Bake Off Competition

December 03, 2019

Congratulations to the girls from Year 7 and 8  who represented their houses in the Bake Off last night. With the theme of 'Seasonal flavours'. Year 7 made muffins in pairs and Year 8 made scones. There was some fantastic organisation and creativity resulting in lots of tasty results. 


Muffins included banana and chocolate, chocolate orange and molten chocolate but the winning recipe was for caramel apple muffins with cinnamon and white chocolate. Congratulations to Edie and Petra from Athene for their winning combination.


The Year 8 Scones were equally creative including cinnamon and apple, winter spice and currant and even mincemeat. Congratulations to Jiya and Morgan from Artemis for their unusual recipe of Stilton and cranberry scones. Delicious!

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