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The NUHA Foundation Winners

January 09, 2020

The NUHA foundation announced their winners for their annual international blogging competition and two of our students were among the best!

Christa (Year 9) has placed third in her age category and she was the only UK student in her age category to be shortlisted. Her blog is called 'Never Let Go'.

Thusharani (Year 12) has also been chosen as one of the top ten in her age category and she was one of two people from the UK to be shortlisted in her age category. Her blog is called 'The Curiosity of Talent'.

Furthermore, NUHA has awarded St. Francis' College's English Department a £100 grant for its continued participation in the Blogging Prizes for several years running now across both the Young Writers and the Youth age categories. NUHA wrote that they 'are grateful for (our) support and enthusiasm for the Blogging Prizes and are delighted to announce that (they) will be awarding the school this year a grant for (our) members’ contributions, as a special thank you for all of (our) hard work.' The English Department will be using this grant for future writing competitions within the College.

Therefore, we would like to congratulate, not only Thusharani and Christa for their successes in this international competition and for representing not only our College, but the UK well, but we would also like to thank all of the St. Francis' students, who took part in this competition, as you obviously made a good impression on the judges.

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