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Theatre Trips

February 07, 2020

On Wednesday, 29 January 2020, most of the Year 9 students went on a theatre trip to see Touching the Void at the Duke of York Theatre in London. This was a highly-valued trip, because Year 9s studied this book, in preparation for their future studies in GCSE English, in which they are expected to know about non-fiction texts and in which adventure stories dominate. The adventures of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates have captivated their attention, as they discussed the predicaments of challenging human endurance and the ideas of having challenges in life that really do push people to extremes. Famously, these two mountain climbers climbed the north face of Siula Grande, in Peru. After reaching the summit, these two climbers had some troubles and it was only because they were both determined to survive, that they overcame unbelievable challenges. From our seats near the roof, we had a frightening perspective of Joe’s fall and had an idea of the heights and lengths to which people go, in order to achieve personal satisfaction. In the words of Year 9 students, it was very snazzy! 

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