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10 July 2020

End of Term Message from the Headmistress

Never has there  been an academic year like this in the history of education and the demands on the community  have been at times excessive. To have to respond to Government policy changes at such a dynamic rate where information is changing every 24 hours and often times contradicting itself, has been a massive challenge. The responsibility of delivering not only an education remotely but also a safe environment for some year groups to return to school when the virus is still within society has been hugely demanding for everyone in the College. But as we come to the end of this most unusual term , I think it is important to reflect on some of the positive experiences we have shared. At St. Francis’ College we have been especially blessed by a community who wanted to work together to bring about a positive experience during this period of time when it could have been so easy to let go. We have learnt the value of team work and the help of others, determination and resilience. We have worked hard together to fulfil our 'one heart, one soul ' ethos and I believe, together, we have achieved this.

Mrs Bronwen Goulding

B.A.Hons, MA (Ed Mgmt) B.A.Hons, NPQH


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