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Schools' Analyst Competition

March 06, 2017

On Friday the 24th February, a team of three Year 12 A-Level Chemists took part in the regional heat of the Schools’ Analyst Competition.

The main task was to find the mass of ascorbic acid present in a vitamin C tablet. For this the team had to perform titrations and produce standard solutions. With the aim of getting two results the same or within 1% uncertainty of each other, we performed the titration four times and after which we had two results within 0.8% uncertainty of each other.

Throughout the experience we had divided the roles equally amongst the three of us: one of us did titrations, another one all the measuring out and pipetting and another one weighed out all the substances and did the calculations.

We have definitely taken a lot from this experience. Carrying out new experiments using a university standard lab and equipment we learnt so much during our day out. Taking part in the competition has given us a very useful experience which we can use to help us further in our A-Level studies.


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