Nursery - The Early Years of Learning

The Early Years Of Learning

Our team of qualified Early Years experts takes great pride in providing a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment for children. Working closely with parents and carers, the team ensures that each child's individual needs are respected and nurtured. Every day, the team lead small groups or 1:1 sessions which have been inspired by the interests of each child. These sessions promote learning linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Our carefully planned environment provides a wide range of learning resources to capture each child's attention and inspire their imagination. We advocate the benefits of child-led play which enables children to choose and guide their own learning. Child-led play is carefully supported by adults who can ‘scaffold’ age-appropriate learning opportunities to develop the skills children need, whilst nurturing their growth and planning for future learning and development.

Harmonious Development

Independence is an important value at St. Francis' Nursery and is encouraged from an early age. This enables our children to become self-motivated and resilient. They develop confidence, inquisitive minds, and a passion for learning, preparing them for the next chapter of school and the wider world.

The Pre-Prep and Prep teams seek to make homework meaningful, consolidatory, thought provoking and fun!

Homework begins in Reception through encouraging a love for reading