Prep - Sport

The Prep Department enjoys full use of the College’s sports facilities which include a fully equipped gym, Prep PE Hall, heated indoor swimming pool, sports field and tennis/netball courts. All PE and swimming lessons are taught by fully qualified specialist teachers.

All classes have one swimming lesson per week from Kindergarten to Prep VI, in addition to their PE lessons. In Swimming lessons, pupils work towards ASA School Swimming Badges and Speed Awards.

KS1 PE lessons focus on the fundamental movement skills, such as agility, balance and coordination, through a fun and varied curriculum. There are lessons focusing on ball skills and multi-skills, as well as Gymnastics and Dance.

KS2 PE lessons focus on specific sports, such as Netball, Football, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance, Rounders and Cricket.

There are many opportunities to participate in competitive matches and tournaments against other schools, both state and independent, all year round. Every pupil in KS2 has the opportunity to represent the school in a team.

In addition, there are many inter-house sports events for the girls to take part in within their house teams, including a Swimming gala and Sports Day.



Every summer we have a Sports Day for KS1 and KS2. KS1 divide into colour teams and KS2 go into their Houses. It involves lots of different games and races such as shot, discus and high jump.


Sports Fixtures


Starting in Prep V, teams regularly represent the College in individual matches against other schools, both state and independent, in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The College hosts and competes in two netball tournaments in the Spring Term.


Girls from Preps V and VI regularly represent the College in matches against other schools. A team of Preps V and VI girls represents the College in the St. Francis’ College Rounders Tournament.


Girls from Preps III to VI regularly represent the College throughout the year in swimming matches, both at home and away, against other schools. We also regularly enter teams of selected girls at the GSA Eastern Region Swimming Gala, the HSSA Swimming Gala and the ESSA District and National Primary Schools Relay Championships.

All girls from Preps III to VI compete in our Inter-House Swimming Gala, representing their House.

Throughout the year, girls mark their individual achievement in swimming by working towards ASA Distance and Water Skills awards and school swimming proficiency certificates. 


Girls from Preps III to VI are selected each year to represent the College in the Junior District Sports.

All girls from Kindergarten to Prep II compete in our KS1 Sports Day, representing their team in races and multi-skills games on the playing field.  Prep VI pupils are allocated to each team to help support and organise them.

All girls from Preps III to VI compete in our KS2 Sports Day, representing their House.

The girls work towards Milk in Action bronze, silver and gold achievement badges.