The Prep community glows with enjoyment and warmth and this underpins the high quality relationships that exist between staff and pupils and between pupils.

- ISI Report, December 2010

It is an immense privilege to welcome you to Prep and Pre Prep Department at St. Francis’ College.

We are so passionate about educating your daughter, believing that creativity exists in the smallest thought or action.  In Prep we enjoy a culture where new ideas are welcomed – where there is freedom to experiment and innovate and mistakes are recognised for being the biggest, most useful points of learning.

We work, as a team, to nurture individual talent and to provide an engaging curriculum that develops cognitive flexibility.

We understand how technology is changing lives and the future your daughters face will not be the same as ours.  We aim to equip the girls with a sense of wonder and curiosity; to develop the confidence to investigate and question and to apply discipline and synthesis to problems – skills for a global future.

Mrs Helen Barsham, Head of the Prep Department


Limited spaces available for Sept 2017.  Contact Admissions for further details