Senior - Art

St. Francis’ College Art Department encourages the individual creative development and excellence of every student. We nurture the growth of developing minds by providing opportunities to explore, invent, express, dream, reflect and communicate in a stimulating environment that fosters divergent and critical thinking and celebrates diversity.

We teach the foundation skills of Art such as drawing in its widest sense, how to see and measure proportions in two-dimensional work investigating line, form, tone and colour theory. Through the exploration of materials we investigate three-dimensional construction and practices from ceramics, wire sculpture, card and installation Art. Contextual and theoretical studies are seeded and introduced through practical exploration.

We have two devoted Art studios, a kiln, sewing machines, printing press, a fully equipped darkroom and studio lighting for photography along with two ICT classrooms equipped with Photoshop elements.

Through the provisions of self-expression we aim to encourage risk, questioning, develop self-reflection and teach the skills to practically solve problems. These are all highly proficient skills that are transferrable and help to raise standards in all subject areas in the curriculum.

Currently we provide multidisciplinary initiatives through a variety of Arts experiences in formal and informal learning contexts, through the curriculum, external and internal enrichment opportunities. Our Annual Recycled Fashion Show is a visual celebration of our excellence; and this highly anticipated event also raises substantial funds for our charity the Kanyike Project, Uganda.

We have links with programmes at the Royal Academy and the Institute of Education and our Arts Biennale Event is an all-encompassing engagement and involvement with authentic, artistic processes and materials to provide direct experiences with the Arts.

Through the development of visual literacy, our girls are prepared to analyse and interpret their visual world. Above all, it is through the Arts that we ask questions, ponder unsolved problems, take risks, and seek to understand human experiences both past and present.