Senior - Biology

In the Biology Department our aims are to develop knowledge and understanding of the natural world, from the molecules and cells that make up our bodies, up to the ecosystems that make up the world.  We encourage students to think for themselves and develop their own informed opinions about controversial biological issues.

Biology in Years 7 and 8 is part of an overall Science course with emphasis on developing practical skills.  In Year 9 students study Variation, DNA and DNA technology, Health and Disease.  This forms a sound foundation for the GCSE and A Level courses.

At GCSE we follow the AQA specification and at A Level we follow the OCR specification.  A Level pupils usually take part in a Field Trip to Flatford Mill in Suffolk.  Students wishing to apply to competitive universities and for medical degrees are supported through extra-curricular activities, for example the Medical Society.

We encourage students to participate in a great number of national competitions including the Biology Challenge and the Biology Olympiad and we have had outstanding successes in these competitions.

The department is actively involved in the maintenance of the College grounds to provide opportunities for ecological studies.  We run numerous competitions and challenges to give the students the opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves well beyond the confines of examination specifications.

We keep numerous animal and plant species in the laboratories and students are encouraged to play a part in their care and maintenance.  By studying and handling animals in captivity and attending to their needs they gain knowledge about their physiology.  They are encouraged to question the ethics of keeping animals in captivity and to learn how they can enhance the animals’ lives by providing appropriate behavioural stimulation.