Senior - Business Studies

A-level Business Studies is a subject that really does involve daily life and studying it can help make sense of some of the news headlines both in the UK and worldwide.  The subject combines essay writing skills with numeracy skills and no matter what field students eventually enter, business management techniques are always useful.

Our students say that what they enjoy about Business is that we make it relevant and they can see how it applies to current business issues.  Case study material is used to reflect the interests of the students in the class e.g. fashion, sport, social media. Our lessons are highly interactive because we want to know what you think – how would you solve this business problem, why something happened, what really matters in any given situation?  Individual learning is facilitated through the college Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and screencasts and students can follow the department on Twitter.

Students get the chance to participate in the ICAEW Base Competition and the IFS Stock Market competition.  We also visit a business organisations such as the Mini car plant in Oxford.

 The subject is a popular choice within the school and a high proportion of our students go on to read the subject at prestigious University departments.