Senior - Entrance Requirements

Preparatory Department

Kindergarten places are allocated on a "First come, first served" basis. From Reception upwards, all applicants have an assessment appropriate to their age; these usually take place during the Spring Term, but we are happy to make arrangements for pupils applying at other times. Assessments are usually carried out on an individual basis as part of a 'taster day', which will also include some time spent with their peer group in class.

If you would like further information about joining the Prep Department please contact the Registrar at or phone 01462 670511.

The majority of pupils join the senior school at 11+, 13+ and 16+.


Senior School

Years 7 and 9

Prospective pupils for entry to Years 7 and 9 should register for the Entrance Examination which is held in January each year. The examination consists of papers in English, Mathematics and Non Verbal Reasoning . There is also an interview with the Head, Deputy Head or Senior Teacher and a reference is requested from the applicant's current school.  Candidates who take the January Entrance Examination are automatically considered for an academic scholarship.


Sixth Form

Entry to the Sixth Form is dependent on GCSE or equivalent qualifications, and a reference from the current school.  Students require 6 GCSE subjects at grade 6 or higher, with at least a grade 6 in each of your chosen A Level subjects.  For some subjects a grade 7 at GCSE is required.  A number of awards are available for internal and external candidates. The Sixth Form Award Examinations are held every November.


Other Years

Examinations for entry into other years can be arranged at any time, provided places are available.

Please contact Registrar for further details on or phone 01462 670511.

Please click here to download  the application form.