Senior - Geography

The Geography Department seeks to induce the sense of awe and wonder about the world. The subject specialist teachers in the department are dedicated to enabling each pupil to achieve their very best. There are facilities for research in the College Library and the IT Rooms. Learning outside the classroom is delivered through local, national and international trips, including trips to St. Albans, Suffolk, the Jurassic Coast, Yorkshire, The Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland.

Programme of study

The Key Stage 3

Broadly, we follow the National Curriculum. Geography is taught in whole class groups of a maximum of 20 girls.

Year 7: Planet Earth, The UK, Maps and Mapping, Africa and Glaciers

Year 8: Population, Urbanisation, Asia and SW China, Weather and Climate and Using GIS

Year 9: International Development, Russia, The Middle East, Coasts and Earth’s Resources

Year 10-11 Examination Board: AQA

Students follow the AQA Geography A course:

  • Paper 1 Living with the Physical Environment
  • Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Paper 3 Geographical Applications


Year 12-13 Examination Board: AQA

Emphasis is on human interaction with the physical environment. The topics covered in the specification dovetail particularly well with Economics (human) and Biology (physical). Research and independent learning and presentations in class is an essential tool in learning.

Three components are covered:

•           Human geography: Global systems and global governance, changing places, Population and the environment

•           Physical: Water and carbon cycles, Coastal systems and landscapes, Hazards

•           Geography Fieldwork Investigation

Students on a recent field trip to Denmark