Senior - Home Economics

The Food and Nutrition department aims to foster enjoyment in the subject and provide pupils with the knowledge, practical skills and experiences which will be of value in their present and future lives.

Food and Nutrition is a subject through which many skills can be developed. It is taught to all pupils in Years 7-9 and gives pupils an insight and understanding of how to prepare and cook a wide range of dishes and develop an understanding of nutrition and making healthy food choices. Girls are encouraged to become confident working with food. They learn basic food preparation skills, processes and safety procedures whilst working with a range of ingredients and food preparation equipment. The lessons are taught using a variety of methods including individual, group work, discussion and problem solving. At GCSE we follow the new OCR specification in Food Preparation and Nutrition.

The Food room has recently refurbished and the girls work at fully equipped work stations in a bright and light environment.

The Sixth Form follow a short practical course within the enrichment programme where they brush up their practical skills in readiness for leaving home and prepare healthy, economical meals on a budget.

The annual Inter-House Bake Off Competition is taken seriously and each House is represented with participant from Year 7 to Sixth Form.