Senior - House Structure

All pupils and staff are a member of one of the four houses – Artemis, Athene, Hera and Selene.  Each house comprises of students from all year groups in the Senior School. This breaks down barriers between the year groups and creates a sense of togetherness; encouraging the older students to look out for the younger ones. There are weekly house meetings and activities are organised by sixth form House captains supported by a staff Head of House. There is a great deal of healthy competition between houses.  Pupils taking great pride in their house achievements, whilst respecting the successes of other houses

There are many house events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their house in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example house events include; house bake off, netball, hockey, house music, photography, swimming gala, debating, science quiz and sports day. Staff lead by example and take part in exactly the same events as the students. These competitions regularly attract crowds of supporters cheering for their house.

All students have the opportunity to earn merits for their house. These are awarded for things such as good work, outstanding behaviour, thoughtfulness, contribution to lessons and participation in house competitions. At the end of the academic year all merits are added up and one house wins the overall trophy, The Keneally Cup. 

Athene House on Sports Day