Senior - ICT

Entering the school at Year 7, students begin preparing themselves for a world that is increasingly saturated with technology. We provide them with technical skills to perform and open opportunities in today’s working environment.

Topics covered involve:

  • Programming – Python
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • E-safety
  • Presenting
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Website Design

GCSE Computer Science

Computer Science is becoming a fundamental subject across many disciplines. GCSE Computer Science draws from subjects such as Mathematics and the Sciences, often intersecting with topics such as robotics and applications of programming. Students attending university will study programming languages as part of Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and other subjects.

Computer Science teaches students the fundamentals required to begin a future working with computers. The drawbacks of ICT such as a lack of technical knowledge are addressed through both theoretical and practical applications of computer systems and programming. The OCR course comprises 40% Computer Systems, 40% Computational thinking algorithms and programming and 20% Programming project.

The development of programming skills builds logical thinking and promotes precision, determination and patience. Breaking down problems and addressing them from different angles is key to effective programming and design.

Students will learn about the impacts of technology on their lives and its effect on wider society. A focus on cyber security provides students with the means to keep themselves safe and meet the requirements for modern day organisations.