Senior - Mathematics

Today, more than ever before, we all live in a world that is governed and ruled by Maths. Our aim in the Maths department is to provide the best possible education for every child, allowing each student to feel confident in their mathematical ability, achieve their full potential and gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their work.

The Maths department consists of three full-time teaching staff, all of whom are enthusiastic about their subject and strive to inspire and stretch all pupils. The department is based in four classrooms, three of which have interactive whiteboards. The pupils are placed into ability sets from years 7 to 11; this means that the work can be clearly directed at the appropriate level of ability for each student allowing them to flourish and blossom. The students are tested frequently throughout the year and the setting reviewed regularly. In lessons they are encouraged to question, to work independently on mastering techniques, to work in pairs or groups to solve problems and so develop their mathematical reasoning, communication and team working skills.

We consciously aim to stimulate the children’s intellectual curiosity and aspire for them to find Maths rewarding. All the teachers are available to give the pupils extra help outside lessons, whether this is to assist with university interviews, prepare for STEP exams or just to help a pupil who is unsure about a topic studied in the lesson. We also offer weekly Individual Needs lessons for students who may require additional support with their Mathematical studies. Whilst preparing pupils for public exams, we feel it is equally incumbent on us to teach them to apply Mathematics to everyday situations, preparing them for the world after school.


Exam results Below is a statement of the Maths department’s results for last year:

GCSE 65 %

A level Maths A* - A 100 %

A level Further Maths A* 100 %

University entrants in recent years students who have studied A level Maths have gone on to study to a wide range of courses at University including Accountancy, Economics, Actuarial Science, Law, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Science, Psychology, Engineering, Architecture and of course Maths!

Recently we had a student going to Oxford to study Mathematics.