Senior - Physics

The Physics department is vibrant and forward-thinking and it is a subject well-liked by the students at St. Francis’ College. Mr Murphy, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Varghese teach Physics from KS3 to university entrance level. We are fortunate to have a wide range of equipment, and a very able Physics Technician, so that practical work takes a priority. We feel it is really important that the students are able to have as many opportunities as possible to discover and learn for themselves, with careful guidance and assistance from their teachers.

Course Content

In Years 7 and 8, Physics is taught as part of a combined Science course. Topics covered during these years include Electricity, Forces & their Effects, the Solar System, Heating & Cooling, Sound, Light and Magnetism. In Year 9, we have the opportunity for much open-ended student-centred investigative work. For example, we study the topic of Astrophysics and look at gas-propelled rockets and the effect of the speed of a meteor on its impact crater. At GCSE, we follow the AQA course. As well as the more traditional Physics topics, the course also includes topics such as the origins and evolution of the Universe, star formation and Medical Physics.

Year 12/13 – A Level Physics

At St. Francis’ College, we follow the OCR Physics A Level course. This is a comprehensive course that allows students to develop their analytical, problem-solving, explanatory, mathematical and practical skills. It covers a broad array of topics including Mechanics and Dynamics, Electrons and Photons, Waves and Quantum Physics in Year 12 and Fields, Electromagnetic Induction, Medical Physics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics in Year 13. Physics is an inherently fascinating subject, which opens our eyes and develops a clear understanding of how the Universe works. It is also a highly desired subject by Universities and employers alike and taking Physics at A Level will open up a range of subjects at University.