Senior - School Library

At St. Francis’ we want our girls to have a life-long passion for reading, and know that the benefits from such a passion are felt across the whole curriculum. Research shows that those students who are keen readers perform consistently well across the whole spectrum of subjects taught within a school. 

The Senior School has a well stocked school library. Great emphasis is placed on making reading a positive and enjoyable experience for our girls. Girls in year 7-9 have one English lesson each week in the College Library where they read and work on reading award tasks. A popular collection of contemporary and classic novels are provided for our older girls to ensure they keep reading. 

The College Library has an excellent range of information and books that extend and enrich the curriculum taught within the school. The Library also has information on career choices, applying to University, exam skills, newspapers and magazines, and DVDs in English and foreign languages. Traditional printed material is promoted alongside the wealth of information available on the Internet and our reference databases.

Digital environment

Increasingly information and reading material is available in a variety of formats. Our philosophy is to encourage our girls to read in whatever format they wish, but to make sure they have easy access to a wide range of high quality resources.  Our girls are part of the digital generation and we work hard to embrace and support this.  We have ten computers in the library, and girls have access to a wide range of digital resources and magazines online via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 

If you have any questions about the provision of library resources at St Francis’ College please contact our full time librarian Mrs Katharine Purchon on

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