Senior - School Library

The Library at St Francis’ is a key facility providing a broad range of learning resources. The Library promotes reading for pleasure by providing a range of materials for this purpose and organising a programme of visits from authors, poets and illustrators. The Library itself is available for use by the whole College community providing an atmosphere conducive to study, learning, relaxation and the exploration of knowledge.

At St. Francis’ we want our students to have a life-long passion for reading, and recognise that the benefits from such a passion are felt across the whole curriculum. Research shows that those students who are keen readers perform consistently well across the whole spectrum of subjects taught within a school.

Students in Years 7-9 have regular Library lessons as part of their English timetable where they read and learn information skills. The Library stocks a diverse range of both fiction and non-fiction books and great emphasis is placed on making reading a positive and enjoyable experience.

The Library has an excellent range of information and books that extend and enrich the curriculum taught within the College. The Library also has information on career choices, applying to University, exam skills, newspapers and magazines, and DVDs in English and foreign languages.


Digital Library

The Library subscribes to a number of online reference databases which students can access at any time via the Library catalogue. The Library catalogue is a valuable tool which is updated regularly to promote new resources, guide students research and highlight new books and upcoming events.

There are ten computers in the Library which students can use for study as well as a printer, photocopier and scanner.


If you have any questions about the provision of Library resources at St Francis’ please contact our College Librarian Mrs Sarah Mathieson,