Sixth Form - EPQ

The EPQ journey prepares our students for life at University and the world of work and therefore Universities and businesses are often thrilled to see that a student has completed an EPQ as it has prepared them for the world of independent learning that they will face in their future.


The skills needed to be successful as an EPQ student are taught to the whole cohort of Year 12 students after Christmas in their #SFC lesson.  They have tutorials on 

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Research
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing a bibliography
  • Harvard Referencing
  • Holding an interview
  • Creating a survey monkey
  • Advanced google searching
  • Evaluation
  • Delivering a powerful presentation

The students then decide on a topic that they are passionate about and set themselves a question.  They take total ownership for this course and check-in with the supervisors on a regular basis.  Our students have exceptional success with this course and many have returned from University saying how useful the skills were.


Our most recent cohort's questions include : 

  • Is the treatment of racehorses justifiable due to its ethical and health concerns? 
  • To what extent was hosting the London Olympics in 2012 beneficial to Great Britain? 
  • What was the most important feature of Roman religion?
  • Do works of literature oppress women?  
  • What makes a serial killer : nature or nurture? 
  • To what extent of similarity can we compare the Stasi to modern-day nations’, ‘Secret Policies’ and censorship? 
  • Film about ‘The Makings of Evil’.