Sixth Form - Recycled Charity Fashion Show & Sixth Form Revue

Annual Recycled Fashion Show

Our annual Recycled Charity Fashion Show is held in early October.  There are two shows, one for Years 7-9, and another for Years 10 upwards.  The theme for the event is always set early so that students can start preparing their costumes.   

The emphasis on recycling is key, with judges paying particular attention to how students have sourced and used the materials that make up their costumes.

The event is run by a group of Sixth Formers, under the guidance of the Head of Art and Head of Sixth Form.  The students take the lead at every stage of the process.  In the weeks leading up to the event they are responsible for compiling all the entry information and double-checking they have every detail correct for the programme, which they also design.  They create the set and put together the running order, as well as writing the script for both shows.  On the day itself the Sixth Form help marshal participants and welcome guests, as well as manage all the technical elements, whether it’s operating the lighting desk or adding music to the show with a carefully chosen playlist.  Finally, a small group compere the show in front of a packed house. 

The Fashion Show is always a memorable event which the girls enjoy immensely.  It gives the Sixth Form students involved the opportunity to develop a huge range of skills, including teamwork, creativity, meticulous organisation, communication, presentation, public speaking, problem-solving and the ability to think on one’s feet. 


Sixth Form Revue

The annual Sixth Form Revue is held just before half-term in February.  The whole show is masterminded by Year 12, who write an overall script and compile the list of acts which appear in between scenes.  Nearly the entire year appears on stage at one point or another, and everyone is involved in some way, whether it’s performing, designing and making the set, or running the technical side of things.  It’s a real test of the students’ teamwork and ability to organise themselves.  They must manage rehearsals, plan ahead and be skilful in communicating with students in younger years.  The final performance builds courage and confidence, as well as providing a very welcome afternoon of entertainment for the rest of the College.