Sixth Form - School Council & Leadership

St. Francis' College is a fantastic environment full of leadership opportunities for our Sixth Form.  Within three days of starting the College our current Year 12 were signing themselves up for Induction evenings, reading with Prep students, running the Senior library, touring prospective parents, mentoring struggling students, supporting new boarders and redesigning our Sixth Form spaces.  We have a culture of action and energy and pupils are drawn into making the most of the exciting possibilities we offer.


For A level, each student has chosen the subjects they want to study and many of them opt to lead an extra-curricular club, run a catch-up club or mentor lower school pupils.  Their passion and energy for their subject shines through and lower school pupils benefit tremendously from their love for their subject. 


In the February of Year 12 the School Council and Prefects are nominated and decided.  All pupils are given a responsibility.  Their leadership could be linked to a community initiative, for example Well-being Prefect or Environment Prefect, or their responsibility could be linked to their subject or their house.  We have a School Council, which includes the Head Girl, who meet with form representatives throughout the College and then meet the Head to discuss initiatives.  Their role has made a huge impact on the College and they have led and organised special whole College days including Wellbeing Day,  Multicultural Day, Oscars Day and a FEM morning. We are very proud of the positive impact they have made on the College.