Sixth Form Society

The Sixth Form Society provides students of St Francis’ College and other local schools with the opportunity to increase their awareness of current issues in the world. This is done through a series of meetings that are held at the College, where expert speakers are invited to speak on a wide range of topics. Each talk is followed by question and debate which gives the students a chance to discuss topics which might not otherwise be addressed. This in turn widens our understanding and knowledge of the world.

Sixth Form Society provides students with an understanding of current issues in the world that goes beyond the typical school curriculum which facilitated our understanding of the wider world and enhancing our global outlook. In addition to this, the evenings represent a social occasion that gives us opportunities to mix with our peers in neighbouring schools, making new friends, and discussing their experiences of Sixth Form life.

All students in Year 11 - 13 are welcome to attend.

If your school would like to know more please contact Mrs Scott, Head of Sixth Form, at