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January 30, 2023

There must be billions of articles and blogs written about leadership. What is excellent leadership? Who are the worst leaders in the world – we would all have a few to add to that list! I am not professing to have the perfect definition, or personally have all the skills of an excellent leader, but this week I have witnessed some of the future leaders of our world.

At St. Francis’ College this week, we have enjoyed the application from 16 students for the positions of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl Pastoral, Deputy Head Girl Academic and Deputy Head Girl Boarding. There are many more leadership opportunities for other students to accomplish, including, Subject Leaders, House Captains, and a whole host of School Prefects. Each year group will have Subject Reps and Form Captains – Student Voice is alive and well at St. Francis!

The candidates for the Senior roles have written a letter of application, given a speech in front of the whole College, answered questions in hustings and completed an interview with Mr Nichols, Mrs Spence, and myself. They have all shone. Each student stood up with confidence and clearly articulated their vision for the role and the College. I was filled with pride at the young people they had become. In their speeches, many of them talked about starting the school in Prep or Year 7 and lacking in confidence. They referred to the fact that even as close as 2 years ago, they would not have ever believed they would have chosen to stand up in front of the whole College and deliver such a personal speech.

These students, along with so many others, recognise the special nurturing environment that St. Francis’ College has. It can turn a worried student into a confident Sixth Former, a struggling student into a successful learner and a timid person into a leader. In the words of the musical ‘Peter Pan’ [which our pupils are performing in our theatre next week – tickets still available!], “there’s something in the air” at St. Francis and our students and staff are proud to help create that magic.

I am looking forward to watching all our students blossom and develop their leadership roles. They will mould the role to match their strengths and use this opportunity to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. The College is transitioning into an even more exciting community and student leadership will play a key role at this exciting time. So, in five- or ten-years’ time, when you see a female leader who inspires and impresses you, check their biography and see if they matured and grew at St. Francis’ College!


Ruth Scott
Head of Sixth Form