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Extracurricular Activities
March 15, 2023

Balancing Student Education With Overall Mental Health 

Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, St Francis’ College intuitively weaves children’s mental growth and well-being into the fabric of student life through an extensive array of extracurricular activities. We are proud to cultivate an enriching environment where every child can thrive, be it on the chessboard, the dance floor, or the yoga mat. Our enriching clubs and activities are tailored to bolster mental health, stimulate creativity, and inspire the inner spirit, no matter where your child’s interests lead them. 

By creating a diverse and inclusive palette of pursuits, we invite our students to explore, learn, and grow beyond the classroom. At SFC, every child does more than just attend school – they experience a joyful and holistic journey of self-discovery, nurtured in body and mind. Explore how our extracurricular activities build resilience and empower students to carve their own paths. 

Strengthening the Soul & the Body Through Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool to help students develop balance, strength, and flexibility – both physically and mentally. At St Francis’, yoga is offered as an extracurricular activity that promotes well-being through breathing techniques, physical postures, meditation, and relaxation. Practising yoga can help reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and maintain a positive mindset. 

Our yoga sessions are led by certified instructors who tailor each class to the age and abilities of students. By practising poses that require stamina and coordination, pupils learn to be present in the moment, regulate their emotions, and find inner peace. Whether a beginner or an experienced yogi, this activity offers valuable insights for all SFC students. 

Enhancing Confidence Through Self-Defence

Self-defence is not just about physical strength; it teaches students how to be confident and assertive and make smart decisions in challenging situations. Our self-defence classes at St Francis’ equip young learners with practical techniques to defend themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Alongside physical skills, students also learn verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to de-escalate a conflict. 

Self-defence classes provide protection tactics and aim to boost self-esteem, improve body awareness, and encourage healthy boundary-setting. Students who attend these sessions develop a sense of empowerment that extends far beyond the classroom and well into their future. 

Additional Clubs & Activities That Promote Well-Being

While yoga and self-defence are a few activities that directly focus on well-being, there are many more clubs designed to support students’ mental health. Our ballet classes build grace, coordination, and confidence, while our modern dance club encourages creative expression and camaraderie. For those looking for a boost in literacy or numeracy skills, there is the Numberella Club and the Poetry by Heart Club. And for those who enjoy hands-on activities, there is the Eco Committee, where students can learn about sustainability and environmentalism. 

From developing physical fitness on the pitch to creating astounding works of art in the studio, there is something for all our students at the College. Whether exploring new interests or honing existing skills, our extracurricular activities create a safe space for students to flourish, both academically and emotionally. 

St Francis’ College – A Community of Wholesome Growth

Participating in extracurricular activities has numerous benefits for students’ mental health and well-being. These activities offer an outlet for coping with anxiety and building a sense of belonging among students as they work together towards a common goal. 

An education at St Francis’ College is more than just academic success – it’s about nurturing the whole child. Our extracurricular offerings are an integral part of this ethos, designed to help every child reach their full potential! We invite you to arrange a visit to our premises and discover the array of extracurricular activities we offer.